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Custom Calendars from Calendar Case

Why choose a Calendar?

A flexible marketing solution

lightweight and easy to post or letter drop, great trade show giveaway, easy to hand out.


many of our clients have a corporate theme and a set of images relevant to their advertising campaign and or current brochure. These images (or ours) and themes can be transferred onto a calendar design, resulting in a fresh and exciting look.

Cost effective

compare the cost of a calendar to running a year long advertisement in a paper or magazine and you'll see what we mean! No other promotional product offers such high exposure for such a low cost.

Builds good will

give a client a calendar and create brand loyalty, exposure and recall.

Calendars have 100's of uses

Who can use calendars?

Businesses - what a great way to stay in front of your customers 365 days a year. Feature photographs of your products or services.

Schools and Clubs - allow members to keep track of upcoming events or use the calendars as fund raisers.

Families or Teams - send a collection of your favourite photos to your friends and family. You'll be with them all year!

Christmas cards - for little more than the price of a Christmas card you can give your clients a calendar. A calendar lasts for 365 days and a card a week if you're lucky. Clearly a calendar is a much better return on investment, and you can print your Christmas message on your calendar

Recipe Cards - the Calendar Case makes perfect stand for a collection of favourite recipes

What is a Calendar Case?

A calendar box is a unique CD case, the lid opens to 270° so it can sit on a flat surface displaying its contents
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Printed Standard Calendar Case Printed Landscape Calendar Case Printed Mini Calendar Case