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Calendar have been printing calendars for Australian businesses for close to 10 years. We custom print all of our calendars so you can use your own photos and graphics to create the calendar you want.....

Why choose a Calendar?

A flexible marketing solution - lightweight and easy to post or letter drop, great trade show giveaway, easy to hand out....... Promotes 365 days a year - keeps your brand and photography in front of people all year. That's great marketing exposure! Unique - many of our clients have a corporate theme and a set of images relevant to their advertising campaign and or current brochure. These images (or ours) and themes can be transferred onto a calendar design, resulting in a fresh and exciting look.

Cost effective - compare the cost of a calendar to running a year long advertisement in a paper or magazine and you'll see what we mean! No other promotional product offers such high exposure for such a low cost.

Builds good will - give a client a calendar and create brand loyalty, exposure and recall Calendars have hundreds of uses, for example;

Businesses - what a great way to stay in front of your customers 365 days a year. Feature photographs of your products or services.

Schools and Clubs - allow members to keep track of upcoming events or use the calendars as fund raisers.

Families or Teams - send a collection of your favourite photos to your friends and family. You'll be with them all year!

Christmas cards - for little more than the price of a Christmas card you can give your clients a calendar. A calendar lasts for 365 days and a card a week if you're lucky. Clearly a calendar is a much better return on investment, and you can print your Christmas message on your calendar

Recipe Cards - the Calendar Case makes perfect stand for a collection of favourite recipes

What is a Calendar Box?
A calendar box is a unique CD case, the lid opens to 270° so it can sit on a flat surface displaying its contents